General Aviation


Landing Fees

Click here to download information on landing fees as of September 1st, 2014


Owner/Operator Meeting

MacArthur Airport's Management team recently conducted its first Owner/Operator meeting with its general aviation tenants and subtenants. To see the wide range of topics covered during the discussion, please click here.


Fixed Base Operators

Hawthorne Global Aviation Services

Website: Phone:631-737-0477

Mid-Island Air Service Phone:631-588-5400


Website: Phone:631-588-0303


General Aviation Services

A&P Aircraft Maintenance, Inc.

Website: • Phone: 631-588-7771

ATP Flight School

Website: • Phone: 1-800-ALL-ATPS

Eastern Helicopter/Helicopter Flight Training

Website: Phone: 631-467-2232

Executive Fliteways

Website: Phone: 631-588-5454

GE Aviation

Website: Phone: 631-467-5500

Global Aircraft Interiors

Website: Phone: 631-981-8470

Heritage Flight Academy

Website: Phone: 631-471-3550

International Jet Interiors

Website: Phone: 631-737-5900

Islip Avionics

Website: Phone: 631-588-3543

Liberty Jet

Website: Phone: 1-800-879-2345

North American Air Charter

Website: Phone: 631-737-4430

NY Jet

Website: Phone: 631-588-4800

2nd Wind Airpark (November Romeo, LLC)

Website: Phone: 631-588-2116


Website:  Phone: 631-467-2345